Recent News

13 Jun 2017

Annual Art Exhibition

250 guests enjoyed an evening of Emerging Artist’s works exhibited in The Piano this week. Read more

26 Sep 2016

The Piano

Murray & Co is proud to be sponsoring The Piano, the new performing arts complex in Christchurch. Read more

23 May 2016

New era

Murray & Co has agreed to the sale of its successful wealth management business to First NZ Capital. Read more

28 Apr 2016

Wanaka's "Aspiring Conversations"

Clients and friends of the firm joined us for a day of thinking during the Festival of Colour’s “aspiring conversations”. Read more

12 Apr 2016

Murray & Co appointed by Dunedin City Council

Murray & Co was recently appointed by Dunedin City Holdings Limited (Dunedin City Council’s investment holding company) to undertake a valuation of its commercial operating subsidiaries. Read more

11 Mar 2016

Annual Art Exhibition

Clients and friends of the firm joined us at Murray & Co offices in Christchurch on 3 March for the unveiling of some stunning pieces of work in our 2016 art exhibition and to meet the artists behind them. Read more

21 Jan 2016

Christchurch City Holdings appoints advisers for sale of City Care

Christchurch City Holdings has appointed Murray & Co and First NZ Capital as joint advisers for the sale of City Care Limited. Read more

24 Nov 2015

Cyber theft on the rise – be ‘naturally suspicious’

“Hacktivism" is here. Living in a data economy means we need to know how to protect our information. Phil Johnson, founder and ceo of Commarc, speaks on this hot topic. Read more

25 May 2015

CTV Building memorial at centre of Knox Plaza

Graham Bennett, the sculptor of "Extant", the magnificent 15m high sculpture situated right outside Murray & Co’s office windows, describes this work as "an artistic statement that looks to the future, as well as referring to the past". Read more

18 May 2015

Investment Banking team expands

Philip Keith joined Murray & Co in 2015 after a more than 15 year international investment banking career in London and Singapore at a leading Wall Street bank. Read more

20 Apr 2015

Christchurch Arts Festival sponsorship

The Christchurch Arts Festival will take centre stage, 27 August – 20 September 2015 at a variety of venues throughout the city. Read more

market watch

15 Sep 2015

World changer?

Capitalism US-style remains the most important agent for the improvement in global lifestyles. And we are not talking Twitter and Facebook. Read more

15 Sep 2015

Overachieving Kiwi-style

The biggest value creator in the history of the NZ sharemarket, Mike Daniell (CEO of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare) quietly handed in his resignation slip recently without any fanfare or great media interest. Read more