Since 2011 when many of the city’s art galleries were damaged or destroyed, Murray & Co has sought to support Canterbury artists by featuring their work in a regular exhibition series. In the early years, exhibitions were held in the offices of Murray & Co. More recently, interesting locations in the emerging City have been used for exhibition purposes. For some artists, it has meant selling work for the first time, and for others, a Murray & Co exhibition has acted as a stepping-stone to dealer gallery relationships.

We work closely with the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury and its wonderful students. Often during their Masters or Honours years, such students are looking for a way into the world of becoming a professional artist. In 2017, we unveiled some fresh new works from a line up of talented emerging artists currently studying or recently graduated from UC's School of Fine Arts. The Murray & Co Exhibition for Emerging Canterbury Artists took place that year at The Piano: Centre for Music and the Arts @ 156 Armagh Street when nearly all of the works sold. The exhibition stayed open for a further week thereafter to enable the public to enjoy it. Artists in that exhibition included:

Thomas Hancock, Donna-Marie Patterson, Philip Murray, Charlotte Jackson, Maia Abraham, Kaela Marshall, Olivia Smith, Grace Gourley-Reid and Mathew Fennell.

Our thanks go to these artists, the ones that have gone before them – and to UC’s School of Fine Arts who continue to support their undergraduates and graduates to flourish and grow their practices through such initiatives with the wider community.

We also continue to enjoy sponsoring the School of Fine Arts own exhibitions at the Ilam Campus at the University of Canterbury throughout the university year.

A snapshot of some of the 2017 exhibition works can be viewed below. Alternatively click here for a detailed catalogue of works with the artists' contact details and personal statements.

We look forward to working with more emerging talent in 2019.


Darryn George 2014

Many thanks to internationally acclaimed artist Darryn George who in 2014 allowed us to display two of his most striking works in our offices. Darryn is based in Christchurch and has exhibited internationally including at the Venice Biennale. We were very fortunate to have had his impressive works on display.

Street Art Exhibition 2014

In 2014, street art was splashed across our office walls. Four world renowned street artists – including a world-renowned Belgian graffiti artist and Australian “Sofles” as well as two local artists “Ikarus” and “Wongi” generously donated 5 works of art which they created one afternoon in January at Children’s Bay in Akaroa. The works were auctioned at Murray & Co and all proceeds were donated to 180 Degrees Trust .

180 Degrees is an organisation which rehabilitates “at risk” teenagers through individually tailored programmes which incorporate high country and outdoor activities. The trust focuses on young people who struggle with drug and alcohol problems have opted out of mainstream schools/society and are typically in the justice system. 180 Degrees helps them to get back on track.

Take a look at photos of the works below.

About the Artists and their Work

If you would like any more information about any of the works or the artists, please contact Clare Murray directly -

Please note there are no commissions or deals going on behind the scenes. This is purely linking artists with art lovers and buyers in the purest form.