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11 Jul 2017

Jade Software Corporation Reorganisation


In July 2017, Jade Software Corporation completed the separation of its port terminal software business Jade Logistics into a new company owned by group shareholder USA Health Investors and the acquisition of substantially all of the minority interests of Jade Software Corporation (including those of USA Health Investors) by UK majority shareholder Skipton Building Society.

The separation allows both Jade Logistics (with approximately 100 staff) and Jade Software Corporation’s digital solutions business (approximately 200 staff) to focus more clearly on their respective activities.  The Jade Logistics business under USA Health Investors’ ownership will continue to invest in growth and research and development, while Jade Software will continue to build its digital solutions and operations businesses for long-term sustainability and to invest in the JADE technology.

Murray & Co was engaged by Jade Software Corporation to provide valuation advice in connection with the reorganisation.