Our Community

Through the arts, Murray & Co actively supports the communities in Canterbury and New Zealand in which we work.

We believe that a vibrant arts environment can inspire, entertain and provoke thought. Supporting the arts is just one way in which the firm can contribute to the enrichment of communities both locally and nationally.

Art Exhibition: Murray & Co features a regular exhibition of artwork by emergent Canterbury artists, and in particular, the students of the School of Fine Arts at Canterbury University. In 2019, Murray & Co presented a group exhibition within the heart of the re-imagined Christchurch Arts Festival (26 July to 4 August) Read more about Art Exhibition

Christchurch Symphony Orchestra: Chris Milne is  on the Board of Trustees of the Christchurch Symphony Foundation, which supports the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. Read more about Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra: Clare Murray is a Board Member of New Zealand's national orchestra whose vision is to provide world class musical experiences that inspire all New Zealanders. Read more about New Zealand Symphony Orchestra